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New Product

Because of mill closures and tripling of fibre costs we initiated plans in early 2007 to manufacture our own fibre from logs harvested from the Pine beetle infested areas of our forests.

We are now producing a very high grade pine product that will match or beat the quality of any industrial mill bi-product on the market today.

BC Premium Wood Shavings are unlike any product you have used in the past.

We use NO industrial bi-product, our high quality pine shavings are manufactured specifically to service the animal bedding market.

We offer competitive pricing and a personalized service designed to meet your specific needs.

As the president and owner of BC Premium Wood Shavings Ltd. I am dedicated to supplying you the best product on the market and will always be a phone call away if you require personalized service or wish to clarify a product inquiry.

Bill Green

Why lighter is better!

There are 3.5 cubic foot compressed bales which weigh 55 pounds and expand to only 7 cubic feet in fluffed volume, and there are 3.5 cubic foot bales weighing 23 pounds which expand to 10 or more cubic feet in volume. Expanded volume is the crucial variable because it determines how many bales are needed to bed a stall. The volume-weight disparity is a function of the percentage of fines, the loft and refinement of the flake, and the moisture content. We feel that the ideal bedding has great loft, enough fines for optimum absorption without dust, and less than 15% moisture.

Shipping Details:

  • Standard Load delivered consists of 1118 bales.
  • 3.25 cu. ft compressed UV protective recyclable plastic bagging.
  • Expands to 9.5 cu ft. loose bedding.
  • Guaranteed less than 15% moisture content.
  • Recyclable pallet covers standard for added outdoor protection.

The mountain pine beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae, is a small insect, less than a centimetre long, which lives most of its life under the bark of pine trees, including lodgepole, ponderosa and western white pine.

Normally these insects play an important role in the life of a forest. They attack old or weakened trees, speeding the development of a younger forest. However, unusual hot, dry summers and mild winters in central British Columbia during the last few years, along with forests filled with mature lodgepole pine, have lead to an epidemic. To date, beetles have destroyed millions of lodgepole pine in BC – the province’s most commercially harvested tree.

Thank you for considering our product.





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