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Our bedding/burning pellets are a 100% Natural product. They contain no dyes, glues, or preservatives. Water is the only outside substance involved in the production. Our pellets which can be used for bedding OR burning are made entirely from wood by-product sourced from nearby mills.

During the manufacturing process, the pellet is heated to temperatures in excess of 800 degrees F. This produces a clean and sterile product. Once the raw material is cooled to approximately 140 degrees F. it is then compressed at more than 20,000 PSI into its pellet form. This process of heating, drying, and compressing results in a pellet with less than 6% moisture content.

Our bedding pellets are your horse's stall maintenance crew. They absorb urine like tiny sponges. The wetness and ammonia of urine is eliminated, while much of the wetness and odor of manure is absorbed. This drying and deodorizing provides your horse with a fresh and healthy environment. Once the pellets absorb the odor causing liquids, they expand to about four times their original size.

The primary environmental benefit of burning wood pellets is it does not contribute to climate changes through emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. Other emissions from wood pellets are low in relation to coal, oil and other fossil fuels. Reduces dependence on coal, oil and other fossil fuels.

  • Pellet fuel has been proven to provide the cleanest burn of any solid fuel.
  • Pellet fuel is a renewable resource.
  • Nothing is taken from the environment to produce pellets.
  • Allergy free, no dust and debris that can contaminate the air.
  • Convenient, clean bags are compact enough to store an entire season of fuel at about one third the space of cord wood.
Material 100% wood (no bark)
BTU /lb. 8,500 - 8,700
Grade Premium
Fines less than 0.5%
Ash less than 0.35%
Bulk Density 42 - 46 lb/cu.ft.



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